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You Work Out, We Donate: Honoring Beautiful British Columbia

Wildfires have been ravishing British Columbia; our home, and yours. We decided this was one cause worth working out for – even in the middle of a heatwave.

Raising Money to Fight BC Wildfires

If you follow us on Instagram, you might have heard of Member Appreciation Day (MAD). It’s the day we go MAD for members and express our appreciation for everyone who attends our gyms across BC.

On July 29th, we took it a step further with our “You Work Out, We Donate” event.  On this day, we donated $1 for every in-club workout, and $2 for every new membership sign-up to the Canadian Red Cross, in support of BC wildfire relief efforts.  

Look out for posts like this to take part next time we run an event.

Sure, it was tough to work out during the second hottest month on record, but this was one incentive 9,908 of you couldn’t resist, and neither could we.

$10,370 towards Fighting Wildfires

Together, we raised $10,370 for the Canadian Red Cross, which is working tirelessly to keep the wildfires under control. Here’s a breakdown of the stats:

  • 9,908 workouts across all clubs: 9,908 x $1 = $9,908
  • 231 new memberships: 231 x $2 = $462
  • Total donation: $10,370

Together, we raised $10,370 for the Canadian Red Cross.

Thank You!

Our most important announcement is a huge THANK YOU to everyone helping us keep fitness hot, and our forests cool. We couldn’t have done it without you, and you have our utmost pride and respect. So what’s next? We challenge you to continue staying in shape, bettering your health, and fighting for our planet. Follow us @FitnessWorldCanada to be the first to know next time we run an event like this, have a prize up for grabs, or host outdoor workout sessions.

Keep It Going With Your New Gym Buds

To our 231 new members and everyone who already works out with us: it doesn’t stop here. Here’s how we’ll support your fitness journey every step of the way.

  • New members, don’t forget to make the most of your free personal training session! This will include a nutritional consultation and set you up for even more workout success.
  • If you haven’t yet tried our classes or are looking for a new experience, join us for yoga, stretch, strength, cardio, and cycling classes.
  • Remember THE WORX? It’s back, and as popular as ever. Think HIIT style workouts in small groups; get ready to take on a challenge!
  • And if you know a friend in need of some encouragement, grab them a free guest pass. We’d love to have them join in the fun.

We’re forever MAD for our members! Come and see what it’s all about at a club near you.