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Why is it always, “make sure you stretch after a workout” or “yoga is the answer to your back problems” and never, “Go home and rewatch the Office with a glass of wine?”

While one of those options might sounds better in the moment, in the long run, you’re definitely better off sticking with a post-workout stretch or a yoga class. These two exercises (yes, stretching counts as a very lightweight and low-impact exercise) are amazing for just about everyone! They’re always encouraged because they offer so many different benefits and can be done pretty much anywhere!

For first-timers, we always recommend trying out a Yoga & Stretch Fitness Class to learn the basics and have an experienced instructor help with movement and positioning.

To continue learning about the amazing benefits of yoga and the important of stretching after a workout, keep reading!

What is Yoga?

If you’ve never heard of yoga before or are unsure of what yoga really doesfor the body, buckle up. You’re about to be turned on to one of the best exercises for everything from improved flexibility and increased relaxation to healing pain and building muscle.

No, we’re not kidding. It’s just that beneficial.

Yoga is both a mind and body practice that combines breathing techniques with body movement and meditation. Originally starting in India, yoga has captivated the west and beyond with its various philosophies, types, and benefits.

At Fitness World, we offer numerous Yoga Classes, including Yogathletic, Yoga Earth, Yoga Fire, Aerial Yoga, and more! Speak to one of our certified personal trainers today to see which class would be best for you!

The Benefits of Yoga & Stretching

While yoga and stretching are not exactly the same, they do complement each other which is why we’re combining them. Some of these benefits will be from stretching, some will be from yoga, but most will be from a combination of the two.

Now, we could write an entire novel on yoga and the importance of stretching and after a workout, but instead we’ll give you five of our favorite benefits of incorporating yoga and stretching into your workout routine!

Improved Flexibility

One of the key benefits from yoga and stretching is improved flexibility. As you age, your muscles naturally become tighter and shorter, so it’s important to actively work on increasing your flexibility. It’s one of those benefits that you don’t notice until you can’t do it anymore (i.e. tying your shoe, reaching for a glass in a tall cabinet, or turning around quickly) 

Better Posture

Listen, we’re not here to be that parent who tells you to sit up straight and don’t eat with your mouth full, but…

We kind of are.

Having poor posture can lead to serious problems as you get older. It also doesn’t help that people with 9-5 jobs are continually in one position during the day. Yoga and stretching can help strengthen even the smallest muscles to keep your posture where it’s supposed to be.

Increased Relaxation

The importance of stretching and yoga isn’t just for the body. It’s also for the mind.

Continued elevation of cortisol (stress hormone) can lead to everything from adrenal fatigue and chronic illness or depression and anxiety. Yoga and stretching works to decrease your cortisol levels through amazing deep breathing techniques and meditation.

Pain Relief

If you have constant back problems, you’ve probably heard someone tell you to try yoga before and well, they’re not wrong. Stretching is a fantastic way to ease headache pain through increased circulation and oxygen that occurs. Yoga is great for muscle pain, specifically in your lower-back, quads, hamstrings, and pelvic muscles.

Build Lean Muscle

While it may not be the first workout that comes to mind when you think “strength training,” yoga is actually a fantastic workout for stabilizing and building your primary muscles without developing bulk. You also only need your own body weight, so it’s an inexpensive and extremely accessible workout that can pretty much be done anywhere!

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