Fitness World Gym in Lonsdale, BC

Elevate Your Fitness at Lonsdale Fitness World

Welcome to our Lonsdale Fitness World location, where dynamic energy and unbeatable value merge to create a top-tier gym experience. Our facility boasts state-of-the-art equipment and specialized areas like Olympic lifting platforms and a large functional fitness space, ensuring you can tackle your workout, your way.

Here at Lonsdale Fitness World, we provide all the resources you need to achieve your fitness goals. From personalized training sessions to high-octane fitness classes, and a dedicated stretch zone, we have it all. Take advantage of our free 3-day pass to discover what sets Lonsdale Fitness World apart from all the rest!

What Gym Amenities Can You Enjoy at Lonsdale Fitness World?

Are you ready for it? Fitness enthusiasts and gym buffs alike, get ready to take advantage of all the fantastic amenities and the amazing personal trainers at the Lonsdale Fitness World in North Vancouver. Our fitness playground is outfitted with the best equipment and is ready to elevate your workout.

At our Lonsdale facility, we have specialized training areas, including Olympic lifting platforms, stretch zones, large turf areas, and a recovery zone where hydromassage beds whisk away the day’s stress.

North Vancouver’s Best Cardio Gym with Incredible Views

Enjoy stunning views while you work out at Lonsdale Fitness World! Our second floor fitness center presents a new viewpoint while you work out. The nearby nature and elevated gym setting takes your mind to new places. Our gym is surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows that allow plenty of natural light to shine in. So come in, grab a machine by a nearby window and let your cares melt away.

Large Functional Fitness Space with Turf Area

A unique feature at the Lonsdale gym is our functional training area. Open and spacious, this area is designed to provide a dedicated space for a more dynamic and exciting workout experience. This turf allows you to do your fitness, your way.

Exercise Classes Near You in Lonsdale

If you’re looking to spice up your fitness routine, we got you. With over 500+ weekly exercise classes, boredom is a word that’s simply not in our dictionary. Whether you’re craving the rhythm of Zumba, the serenity of yoga, or the intensity of a kickboxing session, we’ve got it all. Each class is designed to fit into your busy schedule. Still sitting on the fence? How does a free 3-day pass to test the waters sound? Perfect, right? Yes!

Olympic Lifting Platforms

Olympic lifting platforms at Lonsdale Fitness World are designed for serious lifters, offering a dedicated space for weightlifting exercises that require precision and power. These platforms are essential for safely performing Olympic lifts, providing a stable and shock-absorbent surface. With multiple platforms available, everyone can train like an Olympian at our North Vancouver gym.

Personal Training at Lonsdale Fitness World

We know your fitness goals aren’t just dreams—they’re achievements waiting to happen. And who can help you reach those goals even more? Our fabulous Personal Trainers at Lonsdale Fitness World. Our personal trainers come from diverse backgrounds and specializations. Book a free session to discuss your fitness goals, and the most effective way to achieve them. 

Dedicated Stretch Zone

Stretch out those muscles in a dedicated stretch area. Mirrors in this area help monitor form and our large space means there’s room for you to full stretch out the way you need. We believe stretching and warming-up are essential for overall fitness. Stretching not only improves flexibility but can reduce injury and muscle soreness. At Lonsdale Fitness World, you can have it all.

Our Lonsdale Gym Address, Hours & Details

The Lonsdale Fitness World gym is located near you at 118 E 13th St, #200, North Vancouver BC V7L 4W8. We’re available to all members seven days a week.

Our Lonsdale gym is an entirely accessible facility with elevators, a wheelchair ramp, accessible restrooms, clean showers, and roomy locker rooms, which are another highlight of our gym. We take great satisfaction in offering our members a clean, friendly, and inclusive workout environment. Call us with any questions at 778-340-9143.

Gym Membership Options in North Vancouver

Fitness World offers three tailored membership options to match every fitness lifestyle.

MOVE Membership – perfect for those sticking to one location. Starting at $9.99 bi-weekly, you’ll also receive a smartphone app, a complimentary goal session, and online nutrition support.

FIT Membership – expands benefits with access to 15 locations and includes all recovery tools and unlimited exercise class access. Starts at $16.99 bi-weekly.

GOAL Membership – for the ultimate fitness enthusiast, providing all FIT amenities, plus guest privileges, unlimited small group training, and childminding. This plan starts at $21.99 bi-weekly.  

Discover why Fitness World stands out by taking advantage of our enrollment promotion and get started today!

Discover What Makes Fitness World Lonsdale Special

Joining the Fitness World community in Lonsdale means you’ll be surrounded by people like you who value fitness and want the best in their gym. With access to five-star amenities, a ton of exercise classes, and personal training, every visit is a step, kick, or lunge towards a healthier you. Whether lifting on our Olympic platforms, relaxing in the hydromassage, or joining a high-energy class, Lonsdale Fitness World has everything you need to stay motivated and on track.

Ready to get fit? Grab a 3-day pass and discover why Fitness World Lonsdale is your go-to gym in North Vancouver.