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Boost Your Workout: Nutritional Supplements Before and After Exercise

Ever wondered what gives athletes that extra edge? It’s not just about time spent lifting heavier or running longer—it’s about what you put into your body before and after your workout that can make a massive difference.

Nutritional supplements are the secret sauce that can amp up your workout, speed up recovery, and help you see those gains faster. At Fitness World, we’ve got your back (and booty, and biceps) with top-tier nutritional support as a dot-FIT partner, and with certified personal trainers who can provide nutritional advice. Book a free nutrition consultation today to determine the best meal plan for your lifestyle and assess which supplements may best support you in your goals!

Partnering with dotFIT

dotFIT creates research-based nutritional products and dietary supplements to support strength, recovery, and nutrition. dotFIT products contain the gold standard for safety, NSF Certified for Sport. From multi-vitamins to protein powders, dotFIT has it all.

Fitness World is proud to partner with dotFIT to provide our members with the best-of-the-best supplements. Best part? All Fitness World members get access to a dotFIT account, plus 30% off their full range of products online. Talk about a win-win!

Before Exercise: Pre-Workout Fueling

Let’s talk about the importance of fueling your body before your workout with the right nutrients for better performance and endurance. Here are the top options to get you pumped and ready to crush your workout: 


Known for increasing muscle strength and power, creatine is a go-to for athletes looking to take their performance to the next level during high-intensity workouts. Get ready to lift heavier and push harder with this ultimate kickstarter!


A bit of caffeine, whether from a good ol’ cup of joe or a pre-workout supplement, can give you the energizing kick you need to slay your session. Providing improved focus and boosting fat burn – it’s like your personal hype squad in a bottle.


These muscle-building mavericks are branched-chain amino acids (leucine, isoleucine, and valine). They promote muscle protein synthesis, reduce soreness, and help preserve lean muscle mass, even after intense training sessions. Science, am I right?


Beta-alanine helps buffer lactic acid buildup in your muscles, delaying fatigue and supporting endurance during prolonged workouts. This amino acid is perfect for pushing through those longer, tougher training sessions without feeling the burn too soon.

After Exercise: Post-Workout Recovery

After you’ve given your all in your workout sesh, it’s time to refuel and repair. Post workout recovery isn’t only about rest but also includes optimizing your body’s rebuilding process with proper nutrition support. Not everyone eats optimally so supplementation to the rescue! These post-workout supplements are must for expediting muscle recovery:


We put protein on a pedestal and treat it like the muscle-mending marvel it is. Consuming protein after exercise is essential for repairing and rebuilding those hard-working muscles. There are numerous types of protein powders you can use including whey, mixed, egg, soy, rice hemp and pea. Check out dotFit’s options for epic muscle repair.


Not all carbs are bad. In fact, replenishing depleted glycogen stores with carbs is crucial for restoring energy levels and supporting recovery. Pair it with protein for an epic one-two punch of muscle-building power.


Sweating it out during your workout also means losing essential electrolytes like sodium, potassium, and magnesium. Replenishing these electrolytes helps your body maintain hydration and muscle function. Be sure to hydrate early and often with a boost of electrolytes to aid in your body’s recovery.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Think of these healthy fats like the cavalry, coming in hot and ready to reduce muscle soreness and inflammation for faster recovery post-exercise. Faster recovery? Yes, please!

Benefits of Nutritional Supplements

Adding in nutritional supplements into your fitness routine can offer incredible benefits, from improved workout performance and speedier recovery to enhanced muscle growth. They’re like a secret weapon in your arsenal to help you reach those fitness goals.

Supplement Health Considerations

When selecting nutritional supplements, make sure to choose high-quality products from reputable brands, like our partner dotFIT. And always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement or nutrition regimen.

Fuel Your Fitness with Proper Supplements & Fitness World

Both pre- and post-workout supplementation will play a big role in boosting performance and recovery. Test out different supplements to find what works best for your health needs and fitness goals. Remember, supplementation should always be combined with a healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise for the best results.

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