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5 Essential Benefits of Group Fitness Classes

No matter where you are in your fitness journey, incorporating a group fitness class into your weekly workout plan is a must! Group fitness classes are great for both your mental and physical health, offering a workout community with fun, ever-changing workouts.

The best part? You’ll never get bored. The best fitness classes are the ones that keep you engaged. Often times, people who quit their fitness journeys are not lacking motivation, but get bored of the same routine. We are here to keep the excitement levels high!

Ready to elevate your current fitness routine? Get excited because we have put together your guide to the best group workout classes and how they can benefit you!

Benefits of Group Fitness Classes

Here are the top five essential benefits of group fitness classes and how to get your fitness journey started today!


First, we’ll start with the greatest benefit of taking a fitness class, which is, of course, health. Group fitness classes get your body moving – whether that’s through cardio-based workouts or strength training (or a mixture of both – we’re looking at you Pilates.)

They’re designed to be accommodating towards individuals of all fitness levels, so there’s never fear or judgment. Come as you are and workout the best you can; you’ll never regret doing a group workout!


Because group fitness classes are typically scheduled (meaning you have to plan ahead for them), there’s an extra boost of motivation to attend. You’ll also have a starting point, so each week you can see yourself getting stronger, faster, or better at the moves. The best group workout classes are the ones that keep you wanting more and coming back time and time again.

Workout Community

One important benefit of joining a group fitness class is the social aspect. Think of group fitness classes as a social gathering where people of all body types, ages, and motivations come together to accomplish a single goal: health.

Statistically, the benefits of social interactions can lead to numerous health improvements, such as lower risk of dementia, increased feeling of belonging, and improved confidence. Having a workout community that you can depend on is one of our favourite benefits of group fitness classes.


As we mentioned earlier, many people often quit their fitness journeys not due to motivational reasons, but boredom. If you’re a beginner or new to working out, group fitness classes help take the guesswork out of building a sustainable workout plan. Build your schedule around the classes and make sure you take time to rest as well.

There are so many options to choose from when taking a group fitness class: dancing, cardio, HIIT, step classes, boxing classes, and more! If your workout routine is feeling stale, it might be time to try a group fitness class!


When working out individually, you may not know if your form is correct or if you’re overworking a muscle group, which can lead to injuries. But, with a group fitness class, this risk is dramatically lessened because you have an expert there to help you!

If you want the guidance of a Personal Trainer, but in a group format, group fitness classes are going to be your best solution.

Best Group Workout Classes

At Fitness World alone, there are various types of group fitness classes available – each focusing on a different muscle group. Whether you’re looking to tone up or boost your endurance, we’ve got a class that’s for you!

Here are the best group workout classes to choose from!

Yoga and Stretch

Yoga and stretch is an amazing group fitness class to take if you’re looking to improve your flexibility, reduce anxiety, and unbind any tight muscles. Not only will you get relaxing music and a supportive fitness instructor, but you’ll also begin to see toned muscles!


If you love strength training, but are intimidated or confused on where to start, take a group fitness class that’s solely focused on strength training! There, you’ll learn expert techniques, power moves, and stability tricks that will help to reduce soreness and prevent injuries.


Cardio classes are undoubtedly the best group fitness classes because of their variety! They come in all forms, including dance, step, or rowing! You can also filter cardio fitness classes by their muscle group, like booty-focused workouts, lower body/legs, and more!


If you’re an avid cycler and you’re looking to up your game, taking a cycle-based group fitness class is the best way to do it. From deep leg and core workouts to more cardio-focused rides, there’s guaranteed to be a class that meets your needs.


High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is an amazing workout style that is the best of both worlds: cardio and strength training. It combines short bursts of intense exercise with brief recovery periods to give you the ultimate hit of endorphins!

At Fitness World, THE WORX, small group training program is that and so much more! Not only does it push you to work that much harder, but you’ll also have customized support from expert Personal Trainers to ensure you’re safe and motivated the whole time!

Find the Workout Class That’s Right for You at Fitness World

Ready to start your fitness journey the right way? Maybe you’re just looking to improve upon your current routine? No matter what your goal is, the group fitness classes here at Fitness World will help you get there!

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