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Yoga at Fitness World

Unwind your workday knots and feel stronger and more confident in your skin with our amazing, all-inclusive yoga classes. We’ve designed each and every yoga class to match a variety of fitness levels, giving everyone an opportunity to experience the true and lasting benefits of yoga.

From beginning and intermediate, all the way to advanced, there’s something new to learn and experience in a Fitness World yoga class. Our supportive team of certified yoga instructors are here to make each class a fun, exciting, and safe space, offering both traditional and modernized moves, so you’ll never get bored!

Have a fluctuating schedule? No problem! We want you to tap into the invigorating feeling of a yoga class when it best fits your schedule, which is why we offer a wide range of yoga class times, from 15 minutes to an hour to truly give you the best experience possible.

Types of Yoga Classes

Yoga Earth

Yoga Earth is our foundational class, designed to strengthen your muscles and improving both posture and flexibility. Yoga Earth is suitable for all fitness levels.

Yoga Wind

Yoga Wind is inspired by a Vinyasa practice that unites movement with breath, flowing from pose to pose. Yoga Wind is suitable for all levels and include modification options.

Yoga Fire

Yoga Fire is the perfect power yoga class for building endurance, strength, flexibility, and concentration – all in one. This dynamic class is best suited for intermediate to advanced yogis.


A deeper stretch is what you will achieve in this style of yoga. Postures are minimal but held for longer periods of time (3 or more minutes) allowing for full release of the muscle fibres to create length.


A fusion of body-weight strength and yoga postures to open the upper body and hips, with emphasis on stretching the glutes, quads and hamstrings. This practice will leave you feeling balanced and invigorated.


We love our in-studio classes, but if you can’t make it we’ve got you covered with hundreds of on-demand classes available anywhere, any time through the FW Mobile App! Available with Fit and Goal memberships.

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