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Strength Training Classes

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Strengthen your muscles, unwind your knots, and be a part of a community of fitness lovers with the same goal: improvement. Whether you’re looking to beef up before summer or feel a little bit stronger in your day-to-day, our extensive selection of strength training fitness classes are the perfect addition to any workout routine.

While our classes range in intensity levels, we encourage individuals of all activity levels to join in on the fun, finding the exact strength training class that fits your vibe! Need to modify some exercises? No problem! Our amazing class instructors will provide you with alternative moves so can feel confident and comfortable the entire time.

Types of Strength Classes at Fitness World


Can’t get enough lunges and squats? These moves and more will be the focus to develop and tone all your lower body muscles.


Build upper body muscular endurance and strength in this effective targeted workout.


A full body strength-focused workout with just enough challenge to make you feel it the next day but still want to come back for more!


Use the beat of great tunes to guide rep speed for creative and FUNctional strength building sets, targeting all major muscle groups!


Level up your strength training classes with one of our combo formats that gives you the best of both worlds. Classes like Tread & Shred, or Ropes & Reps are perfect for muscle-building with a side of cardio.


We love our in-studio classes, but if you can’t make it we’ve got you covered with hundreds of on-demand classes available anywhere, any time through the FW Mobile App! Available with Fit and Goal memberships.

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