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It’s Time to Move it, Move it

Ready to experience cardio in a brand-new way? Well, you can skip the treadmill workout this weekend because we have nine amazing, heart-pumping cardio classes that are designed to deliver all the delicious benefits of a truly engaging workout. Each cardio class offers different exercises so you’ll never get bored!

Whether you’re looking for a dance-based cardio class or a strength training-cardio class combination, we’ve got the exact cardio class for you. And the best part? All fitness levels are welcome! From beginning and intermediate, all the way to advanced, there’s something new to learn and love in a Fitness World cardio class.

Find the class you love at any one of our 16 locations and let’s get moving – together!

Types of Cardio Classes at Fitness World

Nothin' But Cardio

Experience the high and low-impact drills and bouts of easy choreography in our Nothin’ But Cardio class, all designed to make this a super fun, non-stop heart pumpin’ jam session a great, active time.

All the HIITs!

This high-energy interval-style class will challenge both cardio and power with drills that thrill! Experience effort and recovery sequences for all levels and a euphoric workout.

Retro Step

Go back in time and experience the best part of our dynamic, choreographed step class. This class is perfect for both a physical and mental challenge. So, try something new and let’s get your cardio on, retro style!

True Tabata

True Tabata combines the authentic and effective training style of 20-seconds of all-out effort followed by 10 seconds of rest for eight rounds. For incredible results: push, recover, repeat.

Row + Glow

Experience our newest interval format using rowers and free weights. Blast calories in this cardio/strength combo that challenges your stamina and all major muscle groups through alternating 5-minutes bouts of rowing with weight lifting. Finish off with a full-body cooldown and a stretch for a guaranteed post-workout glow.

Booty Burn

Try out the cardio class that focuses on one crucial body part: the booty. In this class, we’ll use the booty band for targeted definition and functional strength. Get sculpted tone and a bit of burn for your best posterior ever.


Work the smaller, more delicate muscles you don’t even know you have in our favourite ballet-inspired exercise class. In just under an hour, this workout will target your booty and core like never before!

Tread + Shred

This 30-minute circuit-style workout class takes you through grueling (but glorious) treadmill and booty band intervals for an ultimate kickass class.


*This class takes place at the treadmill station in the cardio area.

Zumba® Toning

Zumba® toning combines targeted body-sculpting exercises and high-energy cardio work with Latinfused Zumba moves to create a calorie-torching, strength training dance fitness party! Use hand weights to enhance rhythm and tone all your target zones, including abs, arms, glutes, and thighs.

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