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Cardio Classes

It’s Time to Move it, Move it

Ready to experience cardio in a brand-new way? Well, you can skip the treadmill workout this weekend because we have nine amazing, heart-pumping cardio classes that are designed to deliver all the delicious benefits of a truly engaging workout. Each cardio class offers different exercises so you’ll never get bored!

Whether you’re looking for a dance-based cardio class, upbeat kickboxing or a strength training-cardio class combination, we’ve got the exact cardio class for you. And the best part? All fitness levels are welcome! From beginning and intermediate, all the way to advanced, there’s something new to learn and love in a Fitness World cardio class.

Find the class you love at any one of our 16 locations and let’s get moving – together!

Types of Cardio Classes at Fitness World


Use the Step as a tool for basic but intense cardio drills and strength intervals for an ultimate total body workout! This class format uses simple step patterns and may include cardio bursts or weight training circuits. Get it all in one great workout!


Experience progressive cardio drills that move you from practice, to pace, to PUSH for an ultimate adrenaline rush and optimal results!


Rock the beat and let loose in this ever-changing array of top tunes, diverse dance styles and fresh choreo.


One of our all-time faves for a euphoric high-energy calorie-burning sweat! Learn all about Cardio Kickbox here


Take your cardio workout into the ring with this boxing inspired format. Five 3min rounds of intense drills topped off with focused core training will get you into fighting form.


We’ve got tons more classes that combine cardio with other areas, and offer globally recognized favourites like Zumba! View all our classes here.

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