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Cycling Classes

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Cycle away from your problems in one of our three amazing, upbeat cycling classes! At Fitness World, we’re huge fans of cycling and offer three distinct classes that give you that euphoric, endorphin-filled happiness. There’s music, people, great energy, and a load of new workouts for you to enjoy – all within our convenient 30 min – 55 min time slots.

Our expert cycling instructors will take you on a ride (literally) and have you sweating away your stress during each class! Whether you’re a beginner looking to experience the fantastic benefits of cycling or a seasoned spin expert, there’s always something new and fun to learn in our FW cycling classes.

Types of Cycling Classes at Fitness World

Pedal Party

Pedal to the beat in this intoxicating mix of musically inspired spinning and adrenaline inducing cardio training! *First timer? Please arrive 10-minutes early for assistance with bike set up.

Pedal Performance

Enjoy our elevated cycling class. Pedal Performance offers a technical approach to spinning with a focus on form and efficiency. Improve your speed and resistance to maximize power and caloric burn.

Pedal Power

Dig deep and gain seriously strong legs and core in this class format that focuses on climbing and improving your power in all spinning drills.

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