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Best Indoor Exercises for a Rainy Day

Isn’t it always the case that the day you get a boost of motivation to workout, it rains? Well, if you know how to make use of an indoor space, you can get in a great workout without ever having to leave. And no, you don’t have to buy unnecessary extras or a full-blown treadmill to reap the benefits of an indoor exercise.

We’ve created this rainy-day guide to show you that getting in movement doesn’t have to be difficult and there’s literally no excuse if you follow our steps.

In our experience rainy days tend to also be movie days, so to get the best of both worlds, do these exercises while watching a movie or a TV show.

Here’s a good breakdown for you:

A traditional sitcom27-30 minutesA warm up + cardio/weights + stretch
A mini-series episode50 min – 1 hourA full fitness class + stretch
A full movie90 min – 2 hoursA warm up + a full fitness class + stretch

For an even more thorough breakdown of what workouts you can do both in the gym and at home, book a goal session with one of our certified personal trainers who can give you a customized workout and nutrition plan based on your unique needs! (we truly can’t recommend it enough if you feel stuck in your journey).

But, for the basics, keep reading to learn our best indoor exercises for a rainy day!

Online Fitness Class

In our humble opinion, one of the best ways to workout at home is a fitness class. Not only can a class instructor guide you through the moves, but it’s often a lot more fun than creating a plan for yourself. If you’re a beginner or feeling unmotivated, this is the best option to choose!

Luckily, Fitness World members get access to over 700+ fitness classes via the FW Online app! With the app, you can follow along to celebrity instructors no matter where you are and save your favourite classes if you want to do them again. Simply download the app on your Google Play or Apple Store and choose from a variety of classes, including:

  • Kickbox
  • Dance
  • HIIT
  • Step
  • Yoga
  • Barre
  • And more!


Yes, you read that right! Stairs. And no Stairmaster required. You can do this in your apartment building, house, hotel – literally anywhere that has a staircase.

This workout is great for your cardiovascular health and for toning those lower muscles, like the glutes, hamstrings, and quads. Spend 10-15 minutes warming up on stairs and you’ll be feeling the burn by the end.

Stationary Cardio

If you have some free space, stationary cardio is going to be a great, fun exercise for those at-home rainy days. Best part? You can mix up your workout!

You can do various sets of jumping jacks, burpees, dancing, or mountain climbers for a great, heart-pumping workout! Alternate sets of each workout for a HIIT-based activity that will make you feel amazing!


A stationary bike is a great piece of equipment to have, however it’s not 100% necessary for getting in a full, at-home workout. The end of the Covid-19 pandemic (quarantine) left lots of us with stationary bikes that we may not get as much use out of now that we’re back at work and back at the gym.

But on rainy days, doing a 20-45-minute spin class is a great, low-impact way to get in your cardio and break a sweat. On FW Online, there are tons of great spin classes to choose from ranging from time, level of effort, and instructor!


At home-rainy days are the best days to incorporate a little strength training in. While most of our workout recommendations have been a bit more cardio-based, that does not mean we want you to skip out on a good muscle-strengthening workout!

Get a 2 kg – 20 kg dumbbell set for a perfect, low-impact toning workout that doesn’t involve any big machines.

You can do various workouts, including:

  • Triceps Extensions
  • Bicep Curls
  • Front Raises
  • Chest Flies
  • Shoulder Press’
  • And more!

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