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Fitness World Sponsors RUNVAN® BMO Vancouver Marathon

Fitness World is beyond excited to be the Official Fitness Club of the 2024 RUNVAN® BMO Vancouver Marathon, joining forces with incredible partners like Brooks, Nuun Hydration, Garmin, and many more. From your first step of the race to crossing that finish line and beyond, we are here to support you every step of the way!

Get hyped! This year, Fitness World will be at the marathon finish line with our ultimate Cool Down Zone offering Hypervolt percussion massage sessions and space for stretching! That’s right, we are coming to pamper you, Vancouver!

If you’re looking for more pre- or post-race recovery tools, come visit us at any of our 16+ locations to experience our state-of-the-art equipment, nutrition advice, personal training support, and more advanced recovery tools. Shoutout to our Hydromassage chairs and Normatec compression sleeves!

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RUNVAN® BMO Vancouver Marathon – About the Race

This year, the BMO Vancouver Marathon is hitting new strides with over 22,000 registrants ready to take on the challenge. Fun fact: in its inaugural event, there were only 32 finishers back in 1972! This destination marathon has views of both the city and the gorgeous nature around it, making it a beautiful race that draws a crowd. The RUN4HOPE charity program and other charitable initiatives continue to amplify the event’s positive impact on our community and beyond. We are so excited to be out there cheering for all 22,000 of you on race day!

Fitness World Tips & Tools for Post-Marathon Runner Recovery

Crossing the marathon finish line is an epic achievement and proper recovery techniques post-race will help combat even the achiest of muscles and aid in long term recovery. We all know running a marathon will push your limits both physically and mentally, but we also know YOU CAN DO IT! To help you feel your best after your race, let’s guide you through some key techniques to ensure you recover properly and keep your body fueled and strong.

Rest and Active Recovery Techniques
Kick off recovery with a good stretch, perfect for easing those tight muscles. If you haven’t tried a foam rolling session, now is the time. Foam rolling can help reduce soreness and improve circulation to those amazing runner legs you have developed. Leg massagers, like Normatec compression sleeves, and percussion massagers, like Hypervolt, can work magic on tight leg muscles, plus they do the work for you! (You’ve done enough already).

Active recovery also plays a large role in your recovery. We may not think of a yoga class as a post marathon recovery tool but with its gentle warming and stretching of the muscles, it could be just what the trainer ordered. Also, consider introducing light walking into your post-recovery to reduce lactic acid build up and keep your blood flowing.

Nutrition and Hydration Strategies
During the race, keeping hydrated stays top of mind, but afterwards our friend H₂O is needed just as much. Recovery is about refueling your body, and hydration will be your muscles’ best friend. Have questions on pre- and post-race nutrition or hydration? Reach out to Fitness World for a nutrition consultation tailored just for you!

Sleep Management
Never underestimate the power of sleep. It’s when your body goes into hyperdrive repairing itself. Ensuring you get plenty of quality shut-eye is crucial for a solid recovery. After race day, you may find it hard to fully relax into sleep, so before bed try some light stretches, a warm (not hot) bath, or mindful meditation to clear your mind.

Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation
As you approach race day, ensure you are resting, stretching, and not overdoing it. Your muscles need off days to repair and stay injury free and we want you in tip top shape for the big day! If you’re experiencing any pain before or after a marathon, it’s important to see your doctor for the best remedy.

If you are experiencing muscle soreness or if you have tired legs, come into Fitness World and try our amazing recovery tools for free with a 3-day pass! We have compression boots, massage chairs, percussion massagers and more to melt away soreness. At Fitness World, we are here to help you meet your goals, so let us be your source for prep and recovery. Consider us your ultimate hype gym!

Post-Marathon Mental Recovery and Goal Setting
Yes, post-race blues are a thing! You focus for weeks on a huge goal, you then accomplish your goal…then what? Don’t worry! We are here for you. Take the next step in your fitness journey at Fitness World. Our supportive community, 500+ weekly classes, and 16+ locations in British Columbia bring the energy and the support you need as you process your incredible accomplishments! Need to chat with someone about what’s next after a marathon? Schedule a free Personal Training session to discuss recovery and a workout plan that fits your schedule and goals.

After the hustle of the BMO Vancouver Marathon 2024, remember that marathon recovery is not a sprint. Take your time and give your body and mind a moment to recover from this truly incredible fitness feat. Fitness World will be your partner every step of the way. Let’s recover, reset, and relaunch into your next fitness adventure together!

Visit Fitness World with a Free 3-Day Pass

The rush of race day is unbeatable—the crowd, the adrenaline, the cheers as you cross the finish line. And as you gear up for the big day, don’t forget this one rule: just have fun! After all, running is joyous and should be a celebration of what you and your body can achieve. Let’s make those race memories ones you’ll grin about for years to come. Fitness World will see you at the starting line and beyond!

Kickstart your race prep and recovery journey at Fitness World. Snag our free 3-day pass for some well-deserved self-care for you and your muscles!