Fitness World Sponsors RUNVAN® First Half Marathon

Fitness World is incredibly proud to sponsor the 2024 RUNVAN First Half Marathon presented by Blue Shore Financial. As you get closer to race day, know that Fitness World is here to support you before, during, and after you cross the finish line. Our 16+ locations feature state-of-the-art equipment, nutrition and personal training support, and best of all, we have incredible recovery tools for that extra post-race treat your body needs. Try us for free with a 3-day pass!

RUNVAN® First Half Marathon – About the Race

As we approach race day, we eagerly await the opportunity to see and support our runners, volunteers, and attendees. The first race in the four-race RUNVAN series is the annual First Half Marathon, also called Canada’s Fastest Half Marathon, set on February 11, 2024, at 8:30 am. We are excited to help kick off the race season with this scenic run along a waterfront out-and-back course set along Vancouver’s Stanley Park Seawall.

Maxed at 2,000 runners (and already sold out), this spectacular event supports Variety –  the Children’s Charity and their mission to change the lives of children worldwide by providing essential medical equipment and educational services to children who are sick, disadvantaged, or living with a disability. The First Half Marathon has partnered with Variety – the Children’s Charity since 1995, raising an incredible $800,000 to positively impact countless children’s lives.

We can’t wait to be part of the race-day fun and contribute to making a positive impact in our community. Get ready for some good vibes and high-fives as we run together to support this year’s race!

Tips & Advice for Half Marathon Training (Beginners & Race Veterans)

For many runners, the First Half Marathon race is the ideal way to prepare for some of Vancouver’s iconic running races, such as the Sun Run or the BMO Vancouver Marathon in May. Whether you’re new to the race or a veteran runner, we’ve curated helpful tips and advice for preparing for your big run, no matter your skill or experience level!

At Fitness World, our professional trainers can help you prepare for your half or full marathon, from helping you create a pacing strategy to working with you one-on-one on a tailored fitness routine. Take advantage of a complimentary personal training session to see how we can help you achieve your running goals.

Check out some effective training methods to help you reach your peak performance for race day:

Indoor Race Training vs. Outdoor Marathon Training

Weather, such as unexpected conditions and temperature changes, can significantly affect whether indoor vs. outdoor race training is feasible. Many runners believe training in all weather conditions is essential for your body to experience extremes. However, be cautious of the risks of getting sick or injured while running in inclement weather.

Need a safe and dry place to keep pushing your training schedule forward? Head to Fitness World! Find your club and workout in our expansive, functional spaces that give you plenty of room to both run and strength train. From state-of-the-art equipment to Olympic lifting platforms, and from cardio equipment to recovery tools, you can find everything you need to strengthen, train, and recover like a pro.

Strategic Tapering for Optimal Performance

Getting in the long distance runs is important for race day, but tapering your distances might be even more important. Have you planned how you will taper training the closer you get to race day? Fitness World’s knowledgeable trainers will work with you to determine the best tapering strategy to gradually reduce training intensity in the weeks and days leading up to your run so you can perform your absolute best!

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for A Final Boost

When preparing for a big race, shorter, more intense exercises are perfect for sharpening speed and agility. Fitness World offers cardio training and group workouts to incorporate into your training and improve your cardio, strength, and endurance.

Foam Rolling and Stretching

Training for a long distance race can be hard on your body. Ensure you give your muscles some love and R&R. Foam rolling and stretching can help release muscle tension, pain, and tightness after a long training day. Even classes like yoga can help you focus on targeted stretches to release tension in key muscle groups and open up your lungs to improve your breathing.

Get Plenty of Rest and Recovery Time

That’s right! During training, you work hard AND rest hard. Taking time to kick up your feet between your runs is key to healing those sore muscles and performing your best on race day. Make sure you hydrate, get a lot of sleep and yes, this does mean you’re allowed binge watch your favorite show after a long run. If you need an extra boost, Fitness World has great recovery tools from Normatec, HydroMassage beds, and more.

Tips & Advice for Runners on Race Day

After you’ve put in the miles, it all comes down to one thing: Race Day! The excitement and nerves will come, but remember, you’re ready, trained, and will do great! Here are some last-minute tips to have a great race.

Before race day, select what you are going to wear and run in it a few times. Your race day outfit might even be your normal running garb! Just don’t wear something brand new on race day since you won’t know how it performs. Be sure to wear clothes that are comfortable and moisture wicking. We advise not to wear cotton as it absorbs water and will cause chafing! We’ve all seen runners who dress up in fun attire for race-day, whether it be a sparkly tutu or a Spiderman costume, but if this is your first race, stick to what you know works for you!

Nutrition wise, prepare your body before race day by staying hydrated and eating healthy, balanced meals. The night before, eat something with carbs and protein to keep you full, but don’t introduce new foods or even food that are overly greasy. We’re saying, maybe don’t eat a heaping plate of fettucine alfredo if you’ve never done that before a run.

On race morning, stick to what you know. What did you eat before all your training runs? Eat that! During the race, runners often opt for energy gels, energy beans, or even gummy candies to help replenish nutrition that is being depleted. After the race, grab some quick protein to help heal your muscles. Need a pal to chat nutrition with? Fitness World is here to help! With easy nutrition guides and our partners at dotFIT, we can help you fuel and recharge.

Before the race, get yourself familiar with the course and checkpoints. Learn where the water stations are and even plan with your family and friends on where they should cheer for you on the course!

Ready, set, go! Your race day adventure awaits! Time to begin envisioning yourself crossing that finish line.

How to Participate in the First Half Marathon – Run, Give, Volunteer or Cheer

Want to get involved in the RUNVAN First Half Marathon? There are many opportunities for participation, from volunteering, cheering on your best friends, donating to support this fantastic cause, and more.

GIVE – Community members can still participate by donating directly to support the Variety – the Children’s Charity.

VOLUNTEER – Volunteer before, during, or after the race to help provide a safe, fun, and memorable experience for all runners, spectators, and supporters.

CHEER – Come as a race spectator to support runners and Variety – the Children’s Charity! Cheering on a runner can be the boost they need to push through the challenge of a difficult race!

RUN – The race is capped at 2,000 individual runners and is sold out for 2024. Don’t worry though, this event will happen again in 2025, giving you plenty of time to prepare!

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As a sponsor, Fitness World is passionate about support our local community! Whether you’re racing or thinking about it in the future, we are here to support you and cheer you on no matter your goals. Need recovery tools? Got ‘em. Need nutrition help? Got it. Need a place to stay focused? We got you. Try everything Fitness World has to offer today and sign up for a free 3-day pass!