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Grab a Drink and Start Flexing for: The Great Summer Melt-Off!

It’s summer time and we’ve never been happier to see blue skies, top up our tan and celebrate swimsuit season. Join us for our Great Summer Melt Off where we workout to let go and live life to the fullest.

Melt-Off and Move On

We’re finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s a big ball of sunshine drawing us out of our homes and into parks, beaches and volleyball courts. We’re out and about more than we have been for over a year, and plan to make the most of it. Now that things are looking up, it’s time to melt off stress and restart your fitness goals, to ensure you’re ready for the best summer yet.

We’re working out to boost our mental health, strengthen our heart and immune system, and chase those endorphin highs. Whether your goal is to melt off stress, anxiety, or that extra COVID weight the Great Summer Melt Off is for you.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Follow us on social. We’ll be posting on Facebook and Instagram to keep you motivated.
  2. Tag us in your before, during and after photos and share your story with us using #FWSummerMeltOff.
  3. Enter to win prizes, and visit us in-club for sweet membership offers, Personal Training specials, and more.
  4. Feel awesome all summer long.

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Strong, Healthy and Beautiful, Inside and Out

Working out isn’t all about aesthetics – but if it makes you look like your ideal self, that’s an added bonus we can’t say no to. Whether you’re fighting back after a health issue struck you hard, rebuilding your body confidence, or working out to drive away depression, the Great Summer Melt-Off will help your recognize just how far you’ve come as you tag us in your photos along the way. Here are just a few key reasons to work out with us this summer:

  • Health: Live, breathe and get your heart beating.
  • Beauty: Grow muscle, lose fat, tone up, glow up.
  • Mentality: Feel good inside and out.

Our personal trainers can help you define achievable goals and keep you motivated to gain all this and more – get a free personal training session when you join Fitness World.

Moving and Grooving for Your Mental Health ? ?

Working out doesn’t just make you physically stronger, it helps you stay mentally strong for when life throws its inevitable curveballs. Get ready to make the catch, and feel your best doing it.

We’ve been talking a lot about moving for mental health, recently. For Mental Health Month we shared research on exercise and mental health, and partnered with the Canadian Mental Health Association for our Better Minds, Better Bodies yogathletics event.

In case you’re late to the party, here’s a quick reminder of the mental health benefits of working out:

  • Working out releases endorphins, dopamine and other chemicals that make us feel great.
  • Having a gym membership, a gym buddy or personal trainer, and regular classes to attend, can help combat loneliness and depression, by keeping you motivated and following a schedule.
  • Beating our own personal bests can make us feel great and empower us to see how much stronger we’re getting.

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Winning Prizes Makes Us Feel Great Too ?

It might be tough to think of something even tastier than you are, but we have something that might be able to compete. First up in our summer full of giveaways, we’re giving you the chance to take home a Traeger barbeque that’ll have all your favourite people round like a flash next time you fancy a snack…

Get entered to win when you:

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Our first big prize is sure to get your summer sizzling…

Start Your Summer Melt-Off With Us

Ready to work off stress, slim down or build up your beautiful body, and have a summer you won’t forget? Tag us in your #FWSummerMeltOff “before” photos now and it won’t be long before your “after” goals are your reality.

Follow us on Instagram, grab a free pass or book your free personal training session to continue your fitness journey with new gym buddies by your side. We can’t wait to see you at our clubs!