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“BC’s Best Gym” for Building Your Booty – South Surrey Signature Fitness World

Welcome to South Surrey Signature Fitness World where we offer a dynamic gym experience at an unbeatable value. There’s a reason why our South Surrey location is known as “BC’s Best Gym”. We’re beyond excited to announce that on top of our current amenities like cutting-edge gym equipment, 40,000 square feet of fitness space, unparalleled personal training, fitness classes, and childcare options, we’ve added a brand-new Booty Zone to our facilities. If you’ve been thinking about focusing on glute gains, we got you covered – try out all our amenities with a free 3-day pass to South Surrey Signature Fitness World!

BC’s Best Gym for Glute Equipment & Exercises at Our Booty Zone in South Surrey

Sculpt your glutes like a pro at South Surrey Signature Fitness World with the latest and greatest Booty Builder® equipment. We offer personal training, fitness classes, and the complete line of Booty Builder’s state-of-the-art equipment designed to help you achieve the perfect booty.

Booty Builder® revolutionized equipment targets and activates your hamstrings, glutes, lower back, and more to obtain a deeper range of movement for superior results. Ladies and gents, you’ll be lunging, stepping, deadlifting, and donkey kicking your way to that perfect peach. Learn more about these game changing machines:

Booty Builder® V8 – this machine is made for hip-thrusts. This redesigned glute activation machine takes up less space and offers faster setup with its innovative features. The patented raised feet design and selectorized weight stack makes it the ultimate choice for efficient and effective hip-thrusting workouts.

Booty Builder® Platinum V4 – experience the ultimate hip-thrusting glute workout with barbells. Its innovative plate-loaded feature, raised feet design, cushioned seatbelt, and linear bearing seat rollers ensure optimal comfort, easy adjustment, and a deeper range of movement for superior results.

Booty Builder® Station 2.0 – this machine is also dedicated for barbell hip thrusts but allows for thrusts directly upwards to isolate the glutes and hamstring, taking quads out of the movement. With relocatable band pegs, it expands to numerous resistance band exercises, ensuring a comfortable setup and the ultimate glute burn.

Booty Builder® V Squat – this squat machine offers targeted muscle activation for enhanced development and strength gains while reducing stress on knees and hips. With features like a locking mechanism and safety stop, it ensures a secure and versatile workout with minimized lower back stress.

Booty Builder® Standing Hip Thrust – utilize this machine as an introduction and variation to the traditional hip thrust exercise. Boasting thick padding for pelvic support, multiple hand positions for comfort, and the ability to load with weight plates and resistance bands, this compact design provides the most comfortable and versatile way to hip thrust.

Booty Builder® Standing Abductor – activate your upper and side glutes with this machine. It improves hip mobility and core stability with its compact design, featuring multiple hand positions, a large footplate, and the option to load with weight plates and resistance bands for added comfort, safety, and variation.

Booty Builder® Selectorized Back Extension – this machine simplifies hyperextension exercises by allowing you to hold onto a barbell for added resistance, eliminating the need for gripping weight plates. With multiple height adjustments, it targets hamstrings, glutes, and the lower back. It can also be utilized for leg swing exercises!

BC’s Best Gym for Exercise Classes Near You

A wide range of fitness classes awaits at South Surrey Signature Fitness World. Choose from over 500+ weekly fitness classes, including various cardio, strength, and cycle classes, to find your perfect workout.

If you’re looking for a great class to continue sculpting your glutes, try one of our Barre classes! A Barre class combines several exercises that target the glute muscles, including glute bridges, ballet squats, pulsing, and donkey kicks. Try a class with your 3-day pass and experience how these controlled and low impact movements fire up your glutes!

BC’s Best Gym for Olympic Lifting in South Surrey

If you’re looking for more strength-based exercises for glute activation, step on up to our Olympic lifting platforms. Whether you’re just starting out with squats and deadlifts, or if you’re a pro at the snatch and clean, these deep and wide platforms provide plenty of room for your preferred exercise. When performing these exercises, if you do not have correct form, you may be robbing your glutes of serious gains. If you need help, we have Personal Trainers on site that can check your form, show you a new exercise, or simply ask for advice.

BC’s Best Gym for Personal Training in South Surrey

Ready to kickstart your fitness journey? With your 3-day pass, you get access to a free Goal Session; 50 minutes one-on-one with a personal trainer to discuss your health and fitness goals and develop a plan just for you. If you need more frequent accountability, we also offer ongoing one-on-one sessions with a dedicated personal trainer. Everyone’s fitness journey is unique, and our trainers take your workout style, lifestyle and goals into consideration when working with you. Each trainer has their own specialties and diverse backgrounds and we’ll make sure you’re paired with someone that aligns with you. Get real results for your booty and more with our Personal Training packages.

Our South Surrey Signature Gym Address, Hours & Details

The South Surrey Signature Fitness World gym is located at 120-15850 26th Avenue, Surrey, BC, right off Highway 99. Find us near The Shops at Morgan Crossing and Grandview Corner shopping centers. The best part? We are open seven days a week to best fit your busy schedule.

Need more? We got more! You know about our Booty Building Zone, Olympic lifting platforms, and personal training, but we also have recovery tools that will melt away even your worst knots and stress. Take full advantage of HydroMassage chairs, Normatec compression boots, Human Touch massage chairs, and infrared light therapy.

We even take care of our busy parents! While you’re hitting the weights, your kiddos can have fun in a supervised play area with our on-site childminding and babysitting services.

South Surrey Signature Gym Membership Options

Make South Surrey Signature Fitness World your personal oasis. Become a part of our fit fam with one of three membership options at our Signature club location. Find the perfect gym membership level that best supports your physical and mental health:

MOVE Signature Membership: For only $30.99 bi-weekly, you can get moving with access to our massive 40,000 sq ft signature gym location, high-end equipment, a free personal training Goal session, and more!

FIT Signature Membership: With a FIT membership, you’ll get access to all MOVE membership benefits plus unlimited fitness classes, FW Online, and unlimited Tanning & Hydromassage for only $44.99 bi-weekly!

GOAL Signature Membership: With a GOAL membership, you get access to MOVE and FIT benefits, plus unlimited Small Group Training, Childminding, and all our amazing recovery tools. Be sure to crush all your goals for just $52.99 bi-weekly!

Join the Energy at South Surrey Signature Fitness World  

At South Surrey Signature Fitness World, we’ve got it all. Whether you’re focused on building that booty, kickstarting your journey, or taking yourself to the next level, our dedicated team and expert trainers will get you there. We are BC’s best gym – we’ve got a cutting-edge facility that provides all the tools you need to be the best version of you, and then some. Ready to experience it for yourself? Grab your free 3-day pass today!