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Gym Memberships for Teachers & Educators

Gym Memberships for Teachers: Starting Your Fitness Journey

‘Tis the season for a brand-new start! While most of the world enjoys this refresh on January 1st or with a refreshing Spring clean, we know that for teachers, the journey of new beginnings starts with back to school.

At Fitness World, we recognize the need for educator appreciation and understand that, with a new schedule, new students, and new hours, you’re going to need an updated workout routine that fits your busy lifestyle.

That’s why, this season, we’re focusing on #FitnessExercisesforTeachers and sending a gentle reminder to our favourite educators that time for yourself and your health is necessary. And with our seasonal enrollment offers, taking care of your mental and physical health is that much easier (but, we’ll get into that more a bit later).

To learn our best tips, tricks, and amenities for teachers, keep reading! We’re breaking down how to reach your fitness goals, the best exercises, and how to reap the rewards of a discounted membership!

How to Reach Your Fitness Goals as an Educator

Let’s start with an important question we get asked all the time – how, as a teacher, can I reach my fitness goals?

And the answer? Adapting. Below, we’ve put together our top three tips for adapting your new schedule to meet the needs of your fitness goals. As a teacher, there’s no reason you should have to sacrifice health in order to be the best educator you can be. In fact, with a consistent exercise schedule, you’ll not only be able to stay on your feet, but you’ll be sharper mentally, allowing you to keep up with even the most sarcastic student in your class.

Take Advantage of the 5-9

Now, we know that a teacher schedule differs slightly from an average, corporate job. The 9-5 doesn’t really exist for teachers, however, the “5-9 after your 9-5”still applies. Whether you get off of work at 3 or at 6:30, there’s still time to get in a 30 minute to one-hour workout that you love.

Find a slot of time either before work or after to focus on you. If you’re a morning person, wake up 30-minutes earlier than normal to walk on the treadmill. If you’re a night owl, head on over to a Fitness World gym after work to take an uplifting fitness class.

Set Time Aside on the Weekend

The weekends as a teacher is prime self-care time. Since educators are typically used to waking up early, we recommend keeping this schedule and using that time to focus on yourself with a fun, upbeat workout that gets you ready for the day.

Whether that’s a morning spin class, a revitalizing THE WORX class, or a weight training session, using your weekend as a way to solely focus on your health, is the perfect way to make sure you’re staying on track with your goals.

Best #FitnessExercisesforTeachers

Now, that you know the best times of the week to focus on your health as a teacher, here are the best fitness exercises for teachers that caters to the unique day-to-day lifestyle of an educator (though, we can not help with rowdy kids – we apologize).

Biceps & Triceps

As a teacher, you’re on your feet all day long and with that, comes a lack of focus on the upper body. We want to make sure that the arms, shoulders, and upper back gets equal focus as well or you can start to see ailments like carpal tunnel, neck strains, and rotator cuff issues.

Simple exercises (one’s you can even do on your lunch break at work) that we recommend, include:

  • Alternating Punches: 10 reps on each arm
  • Side and Lateral Arm raises: 10 reps up, 10 out
  • Shoulder press (can use weight or no weight): 10 reps up
  • Push Ups: 10-15
  • Floor Triceps Dips: 10 reps

Repeat the process 3x for an easy, upper body workout.

Full Body

Now, I know we just mentioned that the upper body can often get left behind, but that doesn’t mean you should stop focusing on lower body, as well. Incorporating a simple, beginner-friendly full body workout into your routine will help make sure you’re focusing on all the necessary muscle groups and helping with posture and balance.

A simple, full-body workout for teachers can look like:

  • 20 Jumping Jacks
  • 10 Burpees
  • 10 Bodyweight Squats
  • 10 Star Jumps
  • 30-second Plank

Fitness Classes

Now, the best tip we can give to teachers is incorporating a workout that doesn’t feel like a workout. Often times, this looks like a fitness class! At Fitness World, we have 9 different types of fitness classes to suit every taste, including:

  • Zumba
  • Strength training
  • Yoga
  • Cycling
  • Kickboxing
  • Pilates
  • Cardio
  • Barre
  • And BollyX

As these fitness classes range in time, they allow for greater scheduling flexibility – which we know is extremely important for educators.


Finally, the best exercise for teachers is stretching. We know what you’re thinking, is this really an exercise? To us, absolutely it is. And, whether you think it’s an exercise or not, stretching is crucial for teachers who are on their feet all day, doing the same movements day-after-day.

Incorporating these types of recovery tools and support strategies (such as HydroMassage) can really make an impact to your stress, your sleep, and your overall mental health.

Looking for Gym Memberships for Teachers? We’ve Got You Covered

Ready to start your fitness journey? Or, maybe you’re looking to get back to where you were during the summer? No matter where you’re at on your journey, we’re here to help with fun, fresh workout solutions designed to work with your unique lifestyle.

At Fitness World, our mission is to deliver comprehensive and supportive fitness solutions to our members at a price that works for them!

Join Fitness World today or test the waters with our amazing 3-day free pass that gives you 72-hours to test all of our fitness amenities, recovery tools, classes, and more!