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HydroMassage | The Ultimate Guide to the Best Post-Workout Relaxation Tool

Working that 9-5 Life? Meet Your New BFF, HydroMassage

Okay, what if we told you that you don’t actually have to be a Kardashian to afford a massage every day? Would you believe us?

Well, get out that lie detector because we’re about to pass with flying colors!

Aside from working with our expert certified personal trainers, enjoying state-of-the-art equipment, and being a part of a community that supports one another, arguably our best – and most relaxing – feature here at Fitness World is our HydroMassage chairs!

And the best part is? (*After much discussion, we couldn’t narrow it down to one, so here are our three favourites)

  • No separate cost – HydroMassage is built into our Fit & Goal Memberships!
  • Complete time to yourself – No one bothers you! 15-20 minutes of pure bliss.
  • You get immediate results – No need to leave the gym to get a massage. It’s all in one place!

Upon further reflection, we have realized that HydroMassage has WAY more benefits than three, so today, we’re going to give you the inside scoop on everything HydroMassage: what it is, how it works, and all the benefits of this amazing relaxation tool!

What is HydroMassage?

Also called hydrotherapy or water therapy, HydroMassage is a type of massage that utilizes water as a way to help soothe sore muscles, alleviate pain, and improve circulation.

Water therapy has been used for centuries as a way to calm the body and soothe the mind. While ancient Greeks and Romans’ performed this technique in communal baths, today’s modern technology has given us a better, less awkward option: HydroMassage chairs.

Before relaxing in a HydroMassage chair, we do always recommend speaking to your doctor or healthcare physician first!

How Does HydroMassage Work?

The HydroMassage chairs you’ll find at Fitness World use heated water to provide a rejuvenating experience for your muscles. It is an amazing post-workout tool for providing temporary pain relief and reducing stress or anxiety.

With our convenient touch pad, you can control the pressure of your massage, as well as the temperature and seat adjustment.

The Benefits of HydroMassage

With HydroMassage, you’ll notice both immediate and long-term benefits that range from alleviating soreness to improving stress levels. It will definitely depend on your own, unique lifestyle, but we can assure you that the more you use a HydroMassage, the bigger the difference you’ll see!

Here are more of our favourite benefits from using our HydroMassage!

Increased Circulation

Studies have shown that the cold-water therapy used in a Hydromassage session is great for increasing blood flow throughout the body. With increased circulation, oxygen is continuously flowing throughout the body, allowing for improved cognition and faster wound healing.

Post-Workout Muscle Recovery

Post-workout fatigue can be a big issue and cause all kinds of issues like sore muscles, tears, and even lethargy. Utilizing HydroMassage’s massage therapy for muscle recovery can help prevent any severe injuries from occurring after a great workout.

Pain Management

The lower back, shoulders, knees, and neck are our most used and abused parts of the body. HydroMassage can give extra attention to those parts that often get strained just through average activities like working at a computer or walking your dog.

Stress Relief

When you feel good, you look good. And when you look good, you feel good. Over time, having less injuries and experiencing long-term relaxation with regular HydroMassage sessions can reduce the amount of stress hormones you produce, helping to reduce anxiety and depression.

Enjoy the Benefits of HydroMassage for Yourself at Fitness World!

If at this point we haven’t convinced you of the many amazing benefits of a HydroMassage, you’re just going to have to come in and try one out for yourself!

And the good news is, you can! With our FREE 3-day pass, you can try out one of our 500+ fitness classes, our state-of-the-art equipment, and of course, a session in one our HydroMassage chairs!

Join today and see why Fitness World is Canada’s favourite gym!