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The New Year & Healthy Habits

While we understand that it may seem tempting to wait for the perfect moment to start new and healthy routines and habits, at Fitness World we also believe that any day can be day one of something new. With the new year fast approaching it might seem optimistic to decided that come January 1, 2023 you’re ready to tackle the new year as the best version of yourself. However, we would love to encourage you to think of healthy habits as not an end goal but rather a journey that we all take at our own pace (and even pause at times!)

While every day might not be #thebestdayever, here are some habits we can start implementing to start feeling our best.

Drink enough water

We love our oat milk lattes just as much as the next person and hitting up happy hour with our friends is always a highlight of our day but with the luxury of variety it can be easy to not get enough of old reliable water. Whether you set an alarm, get a tracking water bottle or just make the habit of always having a glass of water nearby, getting enough water will aid in every aspect of your well-being. It keeps us feeling and looking our best, contributes to better sleep and sweat sessions, plus keeps us mentally alert and ready to take on the day.

Learn a new recipe

New hobbies and skills take time to learn, so make it approachable by starting with something small and something that adds to your routine. We recommend trying a new recipe to not only sharpen your cooking skills but to also aid in empowering you to learn about nutrition and how different foods nourish your body. Plus, it’s an easy way to explore the world via cuisine!

Diversify your workouts

Some of us are about slowing down and tuning in via yoga, whereas others may be more drawn to lifting heavy weights and high-intensity interval training, but a variety of workouts is a great choice for any fitness level. One of the things we love the most about Fitness World is that it offers a diverse range of intensities when it comes to health and wellness. Get moving with pals in a Zumba class, unwind with yoga, workout on your own on the floor with free weights, equipment and cardio machines.

Catch your z’s

Other than the workout itself, the most important part of a fitness routine is the recovery. Ensuring you’re getting enough sleep gives your body time to reset. While the amount of sleep required varies from person to person, experts agree that consistency is key. Heading to bed and waking up at the same time as consistently as possible ensures your physical and mental recovery.

Some helpful tips to ensure your best sleep ever; limit screen time prior to bed, establish everyday evening routines to wind down and avoid stimulants (such as caffeine and alcohol) the hours prior to bed.

Go for a stroll

While workouts aid in hitting your daily movement goals, nothing is more effective than a good old fashioned walk. Whether it’s walking to and from our favourite coffee shop for a cup of joe, or strolling around the block listening to our go-to podcast, we know that incorporating movement into your routine isn’t always about elevating your heart rate.