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Barre Classes

Bring on the Barre

Ready to get your heart pumping and body moving in one of our favourite doesn’t feel like a workout workout classes? You better barre-leave it. Experience cardio, strength training, flexibility, and coordination all in just one class!

Our Barre-Tastic Barre workout class is perfect for beginner, intermediate, or advanced fitness levels and combines elements of ballet, yoga, and Pilates for the ultimate hot girl workout. Using high-rep, low-impact exercises, you’ll be able to see the difference in your day-to-day movements, feeling stronger, leaner, and more energized after your first session.

For Barre-Tastic, you only need to bring yourself, a water bottle, and maybe your Barre-bestie, for the perfect under-an-hour workout class.

Types of Barre Classes at Fitness World

Barre Burn

Stretch your muscles and work on your flexibility in our Barre Burn workout class. Experience a ballet-inspired workout that also shares elements of yoga and Pilates, for a full, complete workout that helps to target your booty and core like never before.

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