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Pilates Classes

Personalized, Results-Driven Pilates Classes

Ready to become the strongest, leanest version of yourself? In our personalized Pilates classes, our dedicated Fitness World instructors hone in on the core elements of Pilates, delivering upbeat, dynamic exercise moves that are designed to give you all the benefits of strength training, posture work, breathing exercises, and a little bit of cardio.

Everyone of all fitness levels can enjoy our Pilates classes – from beginner and intermediate, to advanced, each class offers a variety of functional exercises and moves that can be tailored to match your level of comfortability.

Struggling to find time to get in a super-packed workout? Our Pilates classes occur during the week and on the weekends, so you can take a class at your convenience and never miss an hour of heart-pumping fun.

Types of Pilates Classes at Fitness World


Align your body and get stronger, learner muscles using the mechanics, movement sequences, trunk and pelvic stabilization, coordinated breathing, and targeted muscle contraction, all achieved in a single session. Pilates is a proven practice resulting in optimal core strength with lean and supple muscle development.

CoreFirst Pilates Fusion

Pump up your Pilates workouts to full blast with CoreFirst Pilates Fusion! Use the unique CoreFirst resistance tool that attaches to wrists or ankles for instant firing of the core and a Pilates Reformer style workout, available at select clubs.

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