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We’re on a mission.

We know everyone’s fitness journey is unique, and we are on a mission to provide a space where everyone can achieve their individual fitness goals. At Fitness World, you’ll be able to find your fitness, and do it your way. We pride ourselves in creating a welcoming space for every one with every type of fitness goal. Whether you’re here to train for a marathon, going after new weightlifting PR’s, finding a moment for mindfulness, or simply moving your body and creating healthy habits, Fitness World is the gym for you. This community lifts each other up, celebrating every day you show up at the gym, and show up for yourself.

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Feeling functional?

Our gyms have tons of space for functional fitness. This is the kind of workout that keeps your body healthy and ready for everything life has to throw at you. Our gyms are stocked with all the equipment to help you work on mobility, stability and strength, all things that’ll keep you fit for everyday life and reduce your risk of injury. THE WORX Small Group Training is a great way to try new functional movements under the supervision of a trainer, or take it up a notch with one-on-one personal training.

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Searching for Strength?

If you’re chasing new PR’s and looking for heavy weights, we’ve got it. Our dumbbells go all the way up to 120 lbs, and we’ve got strength training machines for days. Plus, we recently invested in additional lifting platforms for all of our clubs, cause who has time to wait around for weights? But remember, if you’re going to lift heavy, make sure you’re recovering properly! We’ve got you covered with top-of-the-line recovery tools like Hyperice Massage Guns, HydroMassage lounge chairs, and tons more coming soon.

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Make time for Mindfulness

If you’re looking for a little me-time, look no further than Fitness World. Maybe you prefer to spend your me-time alone at the gym, headphones in, head down, and treating yourself to a relaxing post-workout HydroMassage. Or, maybe you prefer to feel the motivation from a group fitness class. Fitness World offers unlimited access to fitness classes, giving you access to everything from zen yoga to sweaty indoor cycling. We’ve got it all, and we’ve got your goals in mind.

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Ready to get started?

Try Fitness World for free, no strings attached, to see what we’re all about. Get 3-days to try out any of our facilities, and get full access to all of our services and amenities.

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