Fitness World, Semiahmoo in Club training space

Focus on Your Health in Semiahmoo

Welcome to the Semiahmoo Fitness World location! Whether you’re looking for a traditional workout to keep your muscles strong or looking for the community found in our group fitness classes, our gym has everything you could ask for.

Achieve your fitness goals, regardless of your experience level and desired amount of guidance. Our supportive and motivating staff and personal trainers can help you meet your fitness and health intentions.

The Semiahmoo Fitness World gym has everything you’ll need, from heart-pumping fitness classes to core strength and flexibility training in yoga and Pilates classes. The spacious, open layout also gives members the ideal setting for using the lifting platforms, weights, machines, and turf area for functional training. Sign up for a free 3-day pass at Semiahmoo to work out how you want.

What Amenities Can You Enjoy at Semiahmoo Fitness World?

Semiahmoo’s Fitness World gym provides members access to first-class amenities, such as studio classes, tanning, lifting platforms, high-tech recovery equipment, and more. All experience and activity levels are welcome to discover a variety of workouts designed to make you enjoy every movement.

Class Studio

The Fitness World in Semiahmoo has a designated workout studio that provides a wide range of fitness classes. Enjoy classes like yoga, strength, cardio, and cycling, to name a few. Our workouts developed by expert trainers will support building muscle, endurance, flexibility, and more. Need modifications? Our instructors can guide you through different poses or options as needed to keep your body healthy.

Get moving with Zumba classes or enjoy a new ‘CoreFirst Pilates Fusion’ class that uses a resistance tool to fire your core in this Pilates Reformer style workout. No matter what type of workout you seek, there is a class for you.


Take care of any aches and pains with a 15-30 minute state-of-the-art HydroMassage. Let your body relax and recover with a custom massage where you control your desired amount of pressure, speed, and targeted areas that need attention. These water massage chairs are gentle, quick, and highly effective.

Lockers & Showers

At the Semiahmoo Fitness World gym, members can access club lockers for daily use. Be sure to bring a lock if you want to add protection for your belongings, and do not leave any belongings in the lockers overnight. Showers are also available for you to rinse off before and after workouts.


Take care of your sore legs Normatec air compression boots. Add this activity to your post-workout recovery routine to feel fresher faster. Slip on these compression boots and let Normatec get your sore muscles back into shape.

Olympic Lifting Platforms

The impressive Olympic lifting platforms at Semiahmoo Fitness World are protected areas where members can work on their strength training. These padded platform surfaces allow you to easily place those heavily loaded barbells on the ground and perform deadlifts with ease.


Look as good as you feel with Fitness World’s tanning services. These vertical tanning systems use SmartLampsTM that give an immediate and lasting bronze for a better tan with fewer tanning sessions.

Discover the Semiahmoo Fitness World Gym Today

Our gym in Semiahmoo provides members various fitness solutions to meet all their health and fitness needs. Experience our top-notch amenities, friendly, knowledgeable staff and trainers, and more. Contact us today to get started!